3D Color Printing

For the reproduction of the virtual model elaborated in CAD (rapid prototyping) to obtain a color physical mock-ups prior to its implementation in accordance with the traditionally known methodologies.

These techniques are adopted in the world of footwear for over 10 years with unimaginable economies and acceleration of decision-making stages unachievable with traditional processes

Bronze, plaster, Nylon, Carbon, Wood, PLA, ABS, wire and metal are the materials used for the reproduction.

Olivetti S2 is the new 3D printer, specifically designed for small and medium enterprises engaged in the digital transformation process.

The large printing area (up to 400x400x400 mm), full compliance with safety regulations and high installation speed (over 150 mm / sec) make the Olivetti S2 the ideal solution to quickly and cost-effectively realize , objects and industrial prototypes of considerable size.

The mechanical and electronic quality to industrial standards, and the great reliability and flexibility in creating objects with various types of thermoplastic material – also with wood, carbon, marble, glass fillings – are the further elements that characterize the Olivetti S2 as a product of reference among 3D printers for professional use.

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Do you have trouble printing a model made or downloaded from the Web? Can you not find the right way to eliminate imperfections or intersecting surfaces? Strategie Cad offers you the repair service that’s right for you!

Some of the errors in a file are not identifiable except with the use of dedicated professional software and through the careful eye of the expert printer. An object with imperfections could lead to waste of time during the prototyping cycle until the consequent printing failure.

Strategie Cad shall make available to the consumer the top range instrumentation and the experience gained in the sector, to offer a careful analysis, evaluation and repair of 3D files Maximizing the success rate of your print

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