With us your vision take shape

Try and Buy

Through Strategies Cad will have the opportunity to hire any software or a solution for at least three months service , as well as the technical staff needed to verify the potential even before investing


Training of your technical staff at hotels Strategies Cad or at your company , to extend the benefits and optimize your investment

3D digitalisation

Spectrum 3D Color; includes software for the recomposition of the acquired mesh, used for any object to be acquired in order to obtain a three-dimensional files in standard formats to be used in 3D CAD or directly from the 3D printers

Design and 3D virtualization

Thanks to innovative technologies, we provide you with digitizing tools and acquisition using 3D scanning to your collections or to any object shape and color at your company or at our office

Oracle DM

PDM technology platform based on Oracle technology can help you improve your execution process, ensuring a well- synchronized collaborative environment. DATA MANAGEMENT: Global collaboration, speed and flexibility will be your new allies

EDP Systems Integration

Integration to PLM systems and management systems

Technical consultancy

30 years of experience in Fashion CAD ​​CAM PDM, are available through Cad Strategies, a consulting and coaching to a variety of designing and manufacturing processes that will save resources in terms of time and money by optimizing all processes involved and exploiting the full potential and quality of the products purchased

S.O.S. Remote Technical Support

S.O.S. Strategies Cad is the service and support that will support you in the use of purchased products, solving remotely almost all the technical problems that might arise, optimizing costs and intervention times for increased efficiency and productivity

Reverse Engineering

Our services include reverse engineering , design solutions and rendering HD with vision screening in 4K of the most advanced in the world

Color 3D Printing

Special coordination and developments for 3D printing. We provide services for rapid prototyping of your color models with a wide range of materials including ABS, plastic, nylon, wood, bronze… To experience first- hand your even before their production projects

Website development

We build your 3D eCommerce Web site. Watch the website dedicated to the configuration of the new Renault Capture we realized