Institute of Industrial Technologies and Automation

The undersigned Emanuele Carpanzano, as head of the Laboratory “Design and Mass Customisation” ITIA – CNR, attests that Mr. Marco Casali has provided consultancy service at our headquarters in Vigevano from 02/01/2009 to date, the period during which he has carried out the activities, with commitment and diligently, ensuring an excellent level and quality of services provided.

In particular, in the years of cooperation, Mr. Marco Casali has been involved in training and professional technical advice in CAD ​​and CAM for the design and manufacture of models needed to be assisted Footwear sector.

During their stay at Synesis, Mr. Marco Casali has stood for reliability, precision edorganizzazione.

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The history of the Maruska shoe factory has its roots in the ’70s. Giovanni Tempesti, in fact, began to create collections and producing shoes, both for American and European customers. Over the years, the experience and the company’s customer base have grown steadily, reaching levels today.

The Maruska shoe factory still retains craft systems belonging to the tradition of the “Made in Italy”, supported by the latest technologies. Furthermore, the precious materials and strict quality controls, make it unique and exclusive finished products.